Retirement Gift Ideas For Nurses

Get That Retiring Nurse a Gift, Stat!

By Gina Mahony

Chances are, if there is a retiring nurse in your family or circle of friends, you know how difficult it is for them to come to terms with their retirement.

Think about it. These people swore to spend their lives helping the ill, console those in need, and assisting physicians in their work. They work tirelessly to make us feel better. For the short (or extended) time you are in the hospital, they go above and beyond to ensure your comfort, and very rarely do they receive the thanks they deserve.

From what I've seen, once a nurse, always a nurse. Retired nurses still want to do their part, and friends and loved ones still look to them for guidance when it comes to health and wellness matters. So if you do know a nurse who happens to be retiring, why not show them how much you appreciate all that they've done over the years?

You can't go wrong with a gift of jewelry, assuming the nurse in question is a woman. There are adorable necklaces with pendants that look like aspirin, or necklaces that can be personalized with the Nurse's Prayer and/or their name and retirement date. There are bracelets made especially for nurses that will remind them of their many years of service every time they wear them.

Just imagine all the years nurses have to spend on their feet! Who wouldn't appreciate a gift basket designed specifically for their footsie-tootsies? Yes, it's another gift that you'd be more likely to give to a woman, but there are also many spa products available for men. After all, male nurses deserve to be pampered a bit, too!

If the retiring nurse is a coworker of yours, why not arrange for a group photo to be taken in the weeks before they leave, then present it to them in a customized photo frame? You could even arrange for everyone to write the nurse a special message, and insert it behind the photo for an added surprise.

If your nurse friend or relative will be traveling during their time off, an engraved money clip to keep their money safe would be greatly appreciated, as would a special retirement mug filled with a package instant coffee to take with them on their travels. A leather-bound travel journal with a personalized pen will help them either write their memoirs or record memories of their journey.

Whatever the gift, make sure your retiring nurse knows that you appreciate their years of service. After all, they wore special sets of silly scrubs and colorful crocs in the hopes that they would cause someone to why not do something to make them smile for a change?

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